Most Polluted Beaches: Before and After

Jōdogahama, Japan



This paradisiacal beach at Miyako City in Japan was hit by the Tōhoku Tsunami in 2011. Due to a 9.1 magnitude earthquake, waves of up to 133 ft(40.5m) swooped over this beach and left it a mess of plastic, wood and metal. After massive cleanup operations, the beach was restored to its former glory and is now a busy tourist destination, well known for the beautiful series of rock formations along the coast. The area is part of the Sanriku Fukkō National Park and is a nationally designated Place of Scenic Beauty.

Sam Pak Wan Beach, Hong Kong



Sam Pak Wan beach is one of the many beaches in the Discovery Bay area of Lantau Island, which is part of the outlying islands around Hong Kong.Unfortunately, due to Hong Kong’s massive industrial expansion since the 1950’s, the surrounding beaches have been plagued by pollution. Thanks to Sam Pak Wan’s ongoing beach clean-up efforts, if caught at the right time, the beach can be found looking as beautiful as pictured above. Even though the beach is cleaned quite regularly, it still manages to accumulate quite a bit of rubbish in between, so finding it clean is a bit of a gamble if you plan on visiting.

Gulf Coast, United States



After the BP-operated Macondo Prospect had a massive oil blowout in 2010, considered biggest marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry, the surrounding beaches on the Gulf Coast where left covered in oil. The spill was somewhat contained in 2012 and after massive clean up efforts, the beaches were returned to their previous state. Unfortunately, neither the ocean or the life in them has fully recovered. Fish in the area are inedible as they have developed both heart and other organ deformities. In July of 2015, BP agreed to pay $18.7 in fines, the largest corporate settlement in history U.S history.

Kamilo Beach, Hawaii



Kamilo Beach, located on the Southeast coast of the island of Hawaii, is well known for its accumulation of plastic marine debris due to being in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Thanks to a massive effort from Hawaii Wildlife Fund, their group of sixty six volunteers managed to clean up Kamilo beach at the start of 2017. A total of 2,725 pounds(1236 kg) of trash was collected and taken to recycling plants or landfills, with washed up fishing nets making up for over 450 pounds(250 kg) of the collected waste. Although the beach will still have to be cleaned every few years, it is clean enough for tourists and local ocean lovers to visit and enjoy.

Versova Beach, Mumbai



After a massive 21 month effort by the Mumbai community, over 11,684,500 pounds(5,300,000 kg) of rubbish was removed from the Versova Beach on the West Coast of India. Thanks to the efforts of a young lawyer named Afroz Shah in 2016 and over a thousand volunteers, this beach is accessible once again. Not only did they clear the trash, they also planted 50 coconut trees and cleaned 52 of the nearby public toilets. Although the majority of the beach has been cleaned, Afroz Shah and his team will resume cleaning of the beach in December of 2017

20 of the best beaches in the world

If you have a love for beaches like I do you’ll agree that each beach has its own individual allure. Fortunately, our planet is canvassed in seas, oceans, and lakes, which implies there’s a shoreline to enjoy for any type of person. From silvery bows shrouded in shells to turquoise narrows overflowing with a Skittles-hued angle, each beach is made uniquely.  

Here are some of best Beach:

Bora – French Polynesia

Bora is one of only a handful couple of spots on earth that everybody wants to witness in their lifetime and once you see it, you will fully understand why.

Without a doubt the most praised island in the South Pacific, Bora is French Polynesia’s driving woman. Her excellence is unrivaled and her distinction, relentless.

It would be accurate to say that it one of the best shorelines out there? On the chase for finding the best shorelines on the planet? This could make your list.

Bondi – Australia

Apparently, all Aussies know what makes a decent shoreline, and Bondi ticks all the boxes! It has excellent clear water. Immense waves, however not very big to frighten individuals. What’s more, it said to have the safest lifeguards on the planet. The sand isn’t messy like American shorelines, and its continually swarming with locals as well as tourists.

IPANEMA – Brazil

Rio de Janeiro favored by a portion of the world for having the most stunning views, it additionally offers the absolute most lovely shorelines together with urban delights. While Copacabana might be the most well-known of all its shorelines, and Leblon an inexorably appealing shoreline and neighborhood for sunseekers, it is in Ipanema that you’ll locate the best of the city. Its brilliant sands are loaded with perfectly chiseled physiques, games, running, or getting wet in the Atlantic, and don’t be surprised if you bump into a celebrity or two.

Cross the road and you’ll discover some of Rio’s best eateries, or essentially appreciate an açai juice or caipirinha at a bistro. Sitting on the sand or from a bistro table, set aside some opportunity to appreciate the glorious crests out yonder.


Tel Aviv- Israel

Tel Aviv’s or – Tayelet in Hebrew, is a sandy Mediterranean coastline fixed with shoreline bistros and lodgings. Regularly the site of gatherings and wonderful dusks, it’s the city’s most overpowering range, the place everybody flocks to after a walk around the stylish Sheinkin Street.

Following a day under the Mediterranean sun, the bronzed bodies tidy themselves up under the freshwater showers and proceed onward to Tel Aviv Port, a smooth seafront promenade that is a hot evening time goal. It is really an appealing spot whenever of the day, from informal breakfast tonight jazz execution, particularly on Shabbat.


Miami Beach – USA

In no other city on the planet is the beach such a  core fascination. In Miami, it is the reason it gets such a significant number of visitors, inquisitive about encountering its parade of steroids, silicone, and sand-and-sun admirers.

You can be guaranteed to enjoy their numerous bistros in the Art Deco District which tend to serve as a distraction.

Miami is the ultimate see-and-be-seen goal, although I more enjoyed the people-watching aspect of the beach… The conspicuous clubs are for a night prior to one more day at the palm-studded shoreline, and the delights of an ostentatious urban resort life.


The Baths – Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Snorkeling can be said the be the main attraction of the Baths with its gorgeous aquatic life, cavern’s and lovely sandy beaches are what you can expect at The Baths in BVI. The monster rocks have made a sort of labyrinth to stroll through.

Copacabana – Brazil

Before you begin attempting to sing some Barry Manilow, this isn’t the dance club, however the shoreline in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This is the inverse of a tranquil town and is one of the gathering capitals of the world.

Nikki Beach – Spain

Nikki Beach can be found in the chic Spanish resort of Marbella, one of the main areas for stream set living in Spain, and this extravagance shoreline club mark is prestigious as “the sexiest place on earth”.

Sun admirers can drench up the Mediterranean daylight on the Balinese sun beds while foodies tuck into the absolute best of beachside feasting – all played out against an idealistic setting of influencing palms, recesses of teepees and fascinating bamboo beds.


Bahia Beach – Brazil

The Bahia  Beach on Brazil’s east drift is extraordinary compared to other spots. Making a beeline for several miles and miles of the nation’s lovely coastline, along with its lavish rainforest setting.

The shorelines here are long, wide and fixed with coconut trees. The shoreline slants delicately into the water, making it perfect for swimming and family occasions. The barracas hovels that serve food and beverages day and night are an alluring component of Brazilian shorelines.


Plage de Pampelonne – France

Saint Tropez is a standout amongst the most celebrated shoreline spots on the planet and the Plage de Pampelonne is the best shoreline in Saint Tropez.

With its historic nude beaches and glorious location, Plage de Pampelonne beach is occupied by energetic bistros and sun admirers on the white-sand shoreline, this all makes for an impressive place to have a french beach holiday.

The Bahamas -The Caribbean

With their white coral sand with mellow pink subtleties, the Bahamas shorelines are the most sensational in the Western Hemisphere. Not coincidentally these islands appreciate an enormous tourist influx and magnificence of the best Caribbean traveler goal.

A huge number of guests searching for a warm place to spend the icy and brutal winter months rush here every year when the climatic conditions are great. These amazing beaches are one of the main reasons that big names to purchase private on these islands.


Seychelles – East Africa  

The white sandy shoreline with various stone precipices and coconut palms is a joy for all sightseers from all around the globe. Warm, climate with cool air and turquoise waters is a scene to match.

Seychelles is an A-lister when it comes to beaches. Situated on the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles brandishes the Anse Source d’Argent, which is the third biggest island in the Seychelles as the most sort after destinations on the planet.


Boracay – Philippines

The silver waves and the cool wind around the island are the things that draws in many individuals from all around the globe. This colorful shoreline is found 200 miles s south of Manila in the Philippines.

Horseshoe Bay – Bermuda

Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda, is a standout amongst the most extravagant beaches on the planet. In spite of the cost, it does not deter the sightseers that visit the place. The climate here is amicable and the completely clear waters with stunning pink sand.

Providenciales – Turks and Caicos Islands

Uncrowded and shimmering, Providenciales is really the pearl of the Caribbean with regards to beaches. Snorkelers and jumpers are likewise very much in paradise because of the beauty of the barrier reef — Taylor Bay and Grace Bay were referred to as of late by TripAdvisor as the best shoreline on the planet.

Heaven Beach – Mykonos

Greece has for quite some time been known for its scopes of white-sand shorelines and clear turquoise waters. The Greek Islands are among the most prevalent territories for shoreline excursions, and here Mykonos tops the rundown. Heaven Beach is effortlessly the most well known because of its incredible anything-goes mentality and flawlessly bright climate. Heaven Beach pulls in partiers from around the world, and those searching for the liveliest shoreline goal will unquestionably feel at home here. Regardless of the gathering tough notoriety, the shoreline here has a tranquil vibe it’s essentially staggering.

Patong Beach – Thailand

Phuket Island is one of Thailand’s most famous islands, with seventeen stunning beaches. Associated with the territory by the Sarasin Bridge, Phuket is regularly frequented by the individuals who are hoping to invest some energy in the sun. In spite of the fact that the island has a wide cluster of beaches, Patong Beach is a standout amongst the most prominent, as it’s among the most sensational and most developed. It is renowned for it diving spots, a haven for divers to say the least. As well as a lot of adjacent housing accessible, and some reasonably priced shopping areas.

Waikiki – Hawaii.

Waikiki is an area of Honolulu, in the City and County of Honolulu, on the south shore of the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

Waikiki Beach is noted for its eminent views of Diamond Head. The beach is accessible through an ally away across from the beach – Yes we did say an alleyway, but dont stress is right next the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Somethings to note about this beach is that water is very shall for a good few kilometers out to sea. Although that may sound ideal if you looking for a nice chilled day in the ocean, keep in the mind that it is very rocky as well, so proceed with caution.


Tenerife, Canary Islands.

The Canary Islands are a Spanish archipelago. The archipelago comprises seven noteworthy islands, one minor island, and a few little islets. They are of volcanic inception and can be found in the North Atlantic Ocean. These islands are found recently off the shoreline of the north-western segment of the African landmass/territory, closest the political gap of Morocco and Western Sahara. They shape the independent group of the Canary Island.

Durdle Door, England

Set upon the Jurassic Coast amongst Swanage and Weymouth, this normal limestone curve is the ideal disengaged bay for your next Insta-commendable travel journal.


Maho Beach, St. John

Not as active as its neighbor Trunk Bay yet equally as lovely, Maho concretes its status as one of the U.S. Virgin Islands’ finest white sandy shorelines. The quiet, generally shallow waters are the perfect environment for ocean turtles and beams, making it an exciting spot for snorkelers of all ability levels. Something you won’t expect to find on this beach is airplanes, which land at the airport right across from the beach. 

Walvis Bay, Namibia

The huge sand ridges alone are motivation to book an outing to Walvis Bay. In any case, you want to visit the Namibia’s Skeleton Coast for the untamed life—you’re probably going to spot flamingos, seals, whales and even hyenas here. This is where the ocean meets the beach.


Ngapali Beach, Myanmar

With the ascent of tourism in Myanmar, there are a lot of spots to remain in this shoreline town on the Bay of Bengal– yet don’t expect that it’s lost its appeal, despite everything it keeps up its languid angling town vibe.

Clifton Beach, South Africa

The luxury shoreline houses here might attempt to dominate this coastline, however, the shoreline itself is as yet the most lovely piece of this Cape Town suburb.